success stories

What A Year

 As a charitable, non-profit organization, we rely on hundreds of individual, unrestricted gifts each year to support our vision of reaching out, touching hearts, and healing lives. Your generosity this past year has helped expand services through PEDIATRIC TELE-PSYCH THERAPY opening the door to care for the pediatric psychiatric patient population, which includes virtual appointments connecting young patients with Pediatric Psychiatrists through video link.  Also made possible were VEIN VIEWING SYSTEMS that display a map of the body’s veins on the surface of the skin, making possible quick and accurate location of difficult-to-find veins due to illness or other factors.  And also making patients more comfortable are SONOGRAPHY DROP-SECTION TABLES that allow sonographers the ability to fold down a portion of the examination bed under the patient’s left side to hold the scanner directly against the patient’s torso without discomfort to patient or technician.  More than 50% of cardiac patients benefit from a drop-section table.