Jack and Eleanor Knowles

Eleanor knew something was wrong. She and her husband Jack routinely walked the Park Ridge Health walking trails near their home. One day while walking, she noticed her husband slow down and eventually stop altogether. Jack needed immediate medical attention. After leading him to the closest park bench on the trail, Eleanor went for help. Within minutes, Jack was receiving care in the Emergency Department.

Jack has since made a complete recovery, and he and Eleanor were so thankful for the care they received they wanted to give back in a special way. This year, they donated a new bench for the walking trail so that others who may need a moment to rest or reflect will have an opportunity to do so. 

Personal Stories

tiffany dorn - hoops for hopE

High school senior Tiffany Dorn was only one year old when doctors discovered a malignant tumor in her mother's breast.  A subsequent mastectomy - followed by chemotherapy and a series of radiation treatments at Park Ridge Health - had the potential to tear her family apart.  But Cindy Dorn, petite and packed with attitude, wasn't about to let that happen. 

"You've got to have the will power and the faith to get through it," Tiffany's mom said.  "I had three kids, and I had to care for them."

As a tribute to her mother's fortitude, Tiffany organized "Hoops for Hope," a faculty-student basketball game fundraiser at East Henderson High, where Dorn is a three-sport athlete and three-year starter on the Eagles' basketball team.  The event, a focal point of Dorn's senior project, raised $10,014.50 which benefited Cancer Services at Park Ridge Health.