Julie was “just feeling yucky, tired and nauseous." She says cancer wasn't even on her mind.  "I was secretly excited, thinking of ways to tell everyone I was pregnant," she says.  However, diagnosed with breast cancer, scared and now having chemotherapy treatments, life seemed sad and unfair.  Then she met a nurse during her infusion sessions who instantly became a huge inspiration to her.  She had met someone with an infectious sense of hope that she needed, and a smile that encouraged her.  Julie felt she wouldn’t have done as well without her care.

"All the doctors and nurses, the staff at Park Ridge Health were amazing," she says. But she's particularly thankful for and fond of that special nurse.  Julie gave a gift in her honor designated for others needing cancer services. 

Your gift will make a difference, too.  If you wish to remember someone who touched you, your family, a neighbor or friend, please call us at 828.681.2421.

Giving a gift in honor of someone, or in memorial of someone is a wonderful way to pay tribute to their life.

Memorial & Honor Gifts