The 1910 Society – The Way Employees Give

It’s a fact, communities rely on the selfless generosity of others.  Here in the Park Ridge Health community, countless miracles happen because of employees who contribute through The 1910 Society – team members who choose to give back what they can to ensure the future health and growth of Park Ridge Health. 

 Since Park Ridge Health was founded in 1910, generosity has been woven into everything we do.  We are blessed to be able to impact more than 300,000 lives each year.  When you walk the halls of Park Ridge Health, you see technologies, programs and faces who wouldn’t be here if it were not for the generous spirit of people who have contributed in many, many different ways.

 Ongoing donations allow tremendous things to be accomplished. The members of The 1910 Society are a driving force and wonderful example of our spirit here at Park Ridge Health.

employee giving