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School nurses offer far more than just Band-Aids® these days. As the prevalence of childhood conditions like asthma and diabetes have risen,

school nurses treat a wider and wider range of problems. The ability to be monitored and treated from school allows children to spend more time in the classroom. In addition to the educational benefits of fewer missed class hours, their quality of school life improves by allowing a consistent routine while enjoying fewer interruptions for doctor visits.

Telemedicine can also bring benefits such as the ability to treat more complex conditions to help keep chronically ill kids in school.

For children with acute conditions like the flu or strep throat, telemedicine can speed the time to diagnosis and eliminate time-consuming and costly trips to the emergency room. When a child presents with concerning symptoms, parents can have reassurance they’ve been checked out by a qualified medical professional.

Telemedicine, virtual doctor visits over video, is increasingly helping school nurses do their jobs. Telemedicine programs are making inroads in schools, where a student referred to the nurse can sit in front of a screen and connect with a physician. Special computer-connected otoscopes and stethoscopes allow doctors to check ears, noses, throats and heartbeats from afar.

Telemedicine can’t always replace an in-person examination, but often kids are back in the classroom without time away from school for an emergency room or doctor visit. 


What if there was a way for patients to engage in their own health from

home using simple devices and peripherals for interactive health sessions with teleconferencing?


Do you hear these words regarding health care and wonder what’s new?

Telemedicine is the ability to provide interactive health care utilizing modern technology and telecommunications, to reduce costs and improve patient health.

Telemedicine allows patients to interact with physicians live over video or audio connection and capture patient data for diagnosis and follow-up treatment. Whether you live in the middle of town or in an outlying community, telemedicine allows you quick access to medical professionals.

After years in the making, telemedicine is finally making its way into
everyday lives and homes, and doctors are linking up with patients by phone, email and webcam. Patients are using new devices to relay their

blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs to their doctors so they can manage chronic conditions and post-surgical procedures in the comfort of their own home.

When a patient is in the hospital and then placed under observation after a surgery or other medical procedure, instead of being in the hospital, the patient would much rather be at home in this phase of recovery. Park Ridge Home Health desires to offer this level of remote observation and care of a patient, extending care beyond the hospital walls at no additional cost to the patient.

Advancement in care at home creates peace of mind, quality of life, safety and a reduction in emergency room and hospital visits, many times thwarting next-stage medical problems. Because of regular contact through this invaluable connection, patients experience:

• Access to leading-edge technology

• Faster diagnosis to create highly effective treatment plans

• Fewer emergency room visits

• Fewer readmittances to the hospital

As Park Ridge Services expands, revitalizes and integrates, you can be assured our focus remains on "Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ."  You can expect our kindness, respect and compassion for our patients, our caregivers, our families and friends to remain our number one priority.  However, we cannot achieve these goals without the compassionate dedication of our generous community members, like you.